Normally we think of remarketing as the tool that impacts the consumer again after he entered our site or some variable that we configure. But, remarketing has other strategic uses.

The use that we generally use is to follow the user. But also, we can stop showing content to a customer with what we call negative remarketing.

Negative remarketing has the functionality that once the customer clicks on an ad, enters the site and maybe he can take some action, we can make that cookie enter our negative list and not be shown again That ad to that particular customer.

And then, what is it for? If normally we want to show ourselves more and not less.

This type of negative remarketing list tends to be used in two cases:
– As a cure for invalid clicks
– To attract and convince the customer with specific ads

In the first option, what we do is a negative remarketing list to limit the number of times a cookie sees our ad, so, if someone is making invalid clicks, and nothing we have done solves it, we take As a last resort this resource. In this way, the person from a device will not be able to do more than a single click.

As well as, as we mentioned, negative remarketing is used to enhance our strategy. Because we say that it can strengthen our strategy, because we can generate a sort of storytelling or step-by-step advertisements, when the person enters our site and keeps looking for us or to show different content.

This strategy tool is little used in its many facets for its complex programming and planning, but using it we can improve the user experience with our ads, convince them and even not waste our budget.