Getting ahead of the competition is a good thing in Google Ads. We must consider that campaigns are always affected by an initial review period, which may delay publication. Then, we have the learning phase, which thankfully is less time every day. Never the less, we always have to consider starting our campaign between one to two weeks before the ideal stage. We have to know that history will always affect the performance of our campaign.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to start putting together the campaigns a few weeks before the moment that we think will be the peak of traffic. For example, if we are going to do a campaign for Christmas, it is highly recommended to start the campaign as a limit the first days of December, to ensure that the week before Christmas our ad is in stable performance. So that, when performance is more stable, the cost per click is also stable.

In addition, if we start a campaign and it is not having the proper performance we will be able to optimize it or launch it again with the results we have obtained.

Also, it is advisable to use a conversion-oriented strategy for the high performance moment. Therefore, we must consider that conversion strategies need us to have a conversion record greater than 30 conversions in the last 30 days. So, we would need to consider that it is ideal for the campaign to start generating conversions so that it can then move on to a conversion strategy. We must consider these times depending on how the usual performance of our campaigns and account is.

Finally, it is very likely that at this time they will complement their campaigns with remarketing. Therefore, we cannot forget that remarketing lists need to collect cookies to start working. It is essential to create the lists with time.

We must anticipate our strategy in time, so that it can be put into operation and that it is in optimal performance for the days of high demand.