In recent times, there is a segment that until now was neglected by brands, and yet offers a wide range of opportunities to reach the youngest: gamers and players, individuals who consume and interact with video games on different platforms.

The resources of this universe can help build the brand, generate participation and awareness, increase and classify the database, generate leads, sales and loyalty, position the brand for specific audiences and even achieve business objectives.

Some data from the gaming universe can encourage us to consider them in our strategy:

-42% of men under 35 claim that video games are their first default entertainment option. On the contrary, only 17% of users belonging to this group declare that watching series and movies is their first default option when investing their leisure time.

-This group also invests 53% of their free time in gaming, while 22% of their leisure time is engulfed by video and 12% by music and audio.

-82.98% of women, and 87.80% of men play on their mobile devices, according to OnDevice statistics in Argentina.

There are four levels of exploration of the games in the hands of the brands:

  1. Understand the young culture
  2. Bring the game to the real life of brands
  3. Lead the world of play
  4. Generate comprehensive and segmented strategies for the world of gamer / player

In Argentina, some of the events that took place this year are the Argentina Gaming Show, and the League of Legends finals, led by the League of Professional Video Games (LVP), calling more than one hundred thousand teenagers who attended to play and to see some of your favorite teams and players participating.