A while ago, Google imparted the concept of “micro-moments”. What is it and why are they important for your strategy?

Unlike other historical moments, brands and their messages bombard us in our day to day. Consumers are not always predisposed to receive the messages that we need to share with them except… Those key moments when they want to get information, make a purchase, find out about a restaurant, visit a place, acquire a service.

Those moments in the user’s path where he is facing the browser investigating how to buy, what to buy and which brands are the best to meet his need, are the key moments of purchase decision, called micro-moments. They are characterized by being moments where users have a great predisposition to establish contact with a brand / service, and their expectations in the search for information are high. Therefore, it is essential that our brand appear immediately and take advantage of this opportunity.

How to detect those moments? Generating a user’s journey map is useful. It is about thinking about an average consumer and all the instances of interaction that you can have with our brand from the moment you first encounter a need until the moment you actually make a purchase (digital or physical). What micro-moments do we see in its path? In those moments we have to be present with our messages. Where de you consult? They have to be in our media plan. Who are their referents? What doubts, fears, queries do you have? That must be the key message of our brand that accompanies them in every moment of their journey.