Responsive search ads have become a must in Google Ads search campaigns. This format is attractive to choose, when creating a campaign, because it allows us to generate more texts and that is related to the client’s search.

But first of all, what are responsive ads?

Responsive search ads have the same performance as text ads when the customer finds them on Google, but it gives us the possibility of placing fifteen titles and four descriptions. This gives us greater flexibility to create a more extensive copy and flexibility in the number of variants we can put.

When displaying the ad, the system selects the best titles and descriptions, which most closely resemble the user’s search. Then, we obtain a report of the performance of each combination of titles and descriptions, giving us a great insight of the impact they generated. This analysis will allow us to optimize all our text ads, also extended ones!

Dare to try them! Remember that for a better optimization the ideal is to have three ads per ad group, so you can complement the ads you already have with responsive search ads.