Setting generational limits is necessary for sociologists, anthropologists and also brands, because understanding how our potential buyers act helps us understand how to communicate with them:

-Generation X: Born between 1960-1980. The first generation to rebel against their parents and also the first to see the birth of the Internet and its subsequent crisis. They spend hours on social networks and nostalgia is a great engine for message consumption.

-Millennial Generation: Born between 1980 – 2000 The generation that spent the majority of adolescence with the internet and the arrival of cell phones. They question institutions, labor rules and brands themselves. Millennials do not buy the prestige of a brand, but the experience that your brand offers.

-Generation Z (centennials): Born in the 2000-2010, they bet on changes and are specific in their orders (it is said that more than millennials). They have a better predisposition to buy brands with purpose and compromised messages.

Now that you have general idea of our potential age targets, it is important to locate your target in time, space and social situation: a person born in Australia does not have the same needs and desires, as an Argentine or a Canadian.

Humans are more complex than our date of birth but placing you in their generation can be a good kick to start building a consumer profile to figure out how to find them, how to question them better and in what ways to do it.

Have you thought to which generation your target belongs?