In order for your Google Ads search ads to work you will always have to set up a list of keywords. The keywords will be the ones that activate our ads, that is, when a potential client writes one of our words, the ad may appear.

To choose your keywords you have to take into account 4 things:

-Relation of the keyword with the content of your site

-Relation of the keyword with the content of the ad

-Keyword match type

-Cost per click

The keywords we use must be on the landing page where the customer will enter, as well as in the text of our ads. This will affect its quality. Obviously, depending on the quality we have, how our CPP will vary and how efficient the cost may be. The better our quality, the cheaper the CPP.

We must be careful not to forget to vary our keyword match types, they are going to be symbols that we add to our keywords to make them more or less restrictive to what a person writes on Google. There are four types of concordance: broad, broad modified, phrase and exact. Ideally, find the best match for each type of word, as well as vary them, because the performance can be very different depending on how we configure them.

Keywords are the starting point of the success that your campaign may have, which will allow us to reach the user who is looking for us. Research and take your time to set them up to boost your ads performance.