It is a real thing that during the holiday season, most items see a decrease in the amount of traffic they get. The public is focused on their vacations and the volume of searches fluctuates a lot.

Obviously, if we are in the tourism niche we should not be affected by a decrease in traffic, but an increase.

The rest of the business think that as there are few people, better stop all campaigns. But what should we do?

It is good to consider the time of the summer break as a strategic moment to analyze our business and consolidate where we can.

Things we can do at this time:

1) Plan our long-term strategies

2) Remarketing campaigns to keep us in the mind of our consumer

3) Special promotions for the summer

4) Storytelling that engages the public with video campaigns

It is advisable to think about what we are going to do at this time, in order to take advantage of our resources and strengthen our business.

We are not left behind, let’s take advantage of the summer.