The ability to measure is one of the most valuable attributes of Digital Marketing. A / B testing is considered the most common and usual method of a controlled measurement and analysis experiment.

The A / B testing, even though it sounds like something very new, it is a test that it has been performed before 1920. In that decade, the biologist and statistician Ronald Fisher took the A / B test from mathematics to science.

Fisher began to ask questions in the field of agriculture, to analyze the real effect of some components, such as, What happens when I use more fertilizer? Using a control group and another with the variable, answering their questions with scientific results.

Over the decades, this type of test was still used and today, we use it to optimize our digital performance. These types of tests in the digital environment are simple, fast and can be very effective.

We have to always understand that digital reality gives us results in a matter of minutes, days or at most weeks, and in addition, any experiment can be performed with great accuracy and precision.

They help us to know our audience and how they react and relate to our digital content. You always have to do them with the understanding that we want to measure and be methodical in the way you do it.

So, whenever you can, consider doing A / B testing, to be as effective as possible.