It started as a rumor but it was already implemented weeks ago in countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil and last Thursday it was confirmed that the decision will expand to the rest of the world. Instagram hides the amount of “likes” in views in photos and videos in the feed, as well as in profile pages. However, you can see how many likes I receive my own publications. In Argentina in some accounts, it is already implemented but …

How does the new visualization work? When an account you follow likes someone else’s photo, it will say “[Instagram account name] and others or thousands” below the post where they usually appear. Clicking to see only a list of accounts that liked the post.

Why does this change occur? Because Instagram, along with several networks, is questioning its role in communication. Several studies suggest that users experience anxiety, low self-esteem or frustration at reaching the expected number of likes.

In order to improve the experience, the spokesmen of the social network indicate that the objective is to find that the followers of a profile focus on the photos and videos they share, not on the amount of “likes” they receive.

Clearly, these changes bring new challenges to influencers, who must adapt their sales and engagement strategies for the brands they sponsor.