Some suggestions to organize the content calendar for these holidays:

First, look for photos and videos that other companies shared during the holiday period of the previous year. I suggested that your team start several days before so you can show the products in advance.

Create a list of products or services that you want to promote in order of internal priority, that is, those that have more stock and better performance before you start promoting it.

Generate a catch phrase that can accompany the brand during these holidays that matches your content, a specific tagline. For example: original gift, good gift, or exclusive gifts for you!

You can design a basic table with the following columns that will allow you to organize the calendar of contents for these days:

  1. First column of dates (identifies the holiday) then the days before publishing, 15 before, 10 before and 5. Then you could do a 3, 2, 1 until the arrival day 🙂
  2. Then, format column: that is if it is video, post, storie and if it is going to be located in the feed or it is an ad directly: if it goes with a guideline or organic.
  3. The third column would be the graphic, so that you can visually place the ad, that is, creativity.
  4. Finally, the copys: they will go in each publication. Hashtags, emojis and text.