Stories are people’s favorite format of those who love social media. That is why it is very important to define which ones to stand out and which not to. Do not save all in highlights, if it will then be fixed and you will not have stock and the content will no longer be relevant and is outdated. Leave only the timeless, attractive and functional to your account. As the frequently asked questions you receive by direct messages (general conditions, hours of operation, shipping, deliveries, payment methods, etc.).

The icons and names of the covers of your outstanding stories should be designed in an original, striking way but that graphically describe what they will find in each of the highlights.

Another option is to build highlights with backstage of your products, followers love to see the assembly and the moment of creation of them. This is great to upload it to highlights too!

Also, a good piece to leave in highlights is to type manuals or explanatory videos of how to use, apply, decorate and combine the different products of your brand.

Have fun with social media stories, optimize their use and power your brand!